Monday, June 13, 2011

Hot and Dangerous...

....if you're one of us then roll with us...  :O)

86% humidity

I had to do what I loathe doing on any other day than Saturday.  I had to get up and run before work.  While I am now sitting here thankful that its done already, I still hate getting up and having to run by myself when its dark outside.  Up until a few months ago I never thought twice about it, but my 'run in' with scary dude that day and just other factors I am much more apprehensive and skittish about it.  I have even gotten up some mornings to do it and then talk myself out of it due completely to just fear.  But because I am working an event this evening from 6-9 I needed to get it done and not have to rush to do it, be all sweaty (100deg today so I definitely didnt have the option of waiting till later in the evening), plus I need to spend quality time with Dulce!!  Having separation anxiety today!!! 

Good thing right now though is that by 5:30 its already starting to 'lighten up' outside so that makes me feel better and by the time I finished just past 6am, it was definitely light out already.

I ran with my music still, but kept one ear bud out so that I could still hear around me (even though its very quiet on the roads that time of morning), and every so often I would look behind me just to make sure.  I also didnt run on the sidewalks on the 'darker' sections but ran in the street far away from the shrubs and what not along the way (residential for the most part on this route).

Only until I was about a mile away from home, did I run into a guy that was definitely out of place..not sure where he would have been coming from but I made my way clear across the street and at least knew I could outrun him if I had to :O)  After passing him, I kept turning back to make sure he hadnt turned back around and headed back down the same street I had turned on. 

Overall the run was uneventful.  As you can see by the temps/humidity it was so gross out there this morning.  Worse than this past Saturday's long run with KW (still owe a post on that).  I actually left the house without my little 10oz handheld and that was a mistake.  I could have used the hydration along the way.  Know better for next time!!!

Anyone out there ever get spooked enough on a run (daylight or otherwise) that then left a mark to where you were skittish to go back to running alone when its dark out?


Mel said...

I've never been spooked or skittish really. I have seen some weirdos that I have questioned though. I always question people out before daylight if they aren't working out.

I don't run with music though, I have to hear everything, even when it's daylight or on a trail. I don't like someone coming up on me from behind and not knowing it

Anonymous said...

I had a car follow me one night when I was running (or so I thought). I cut my run short and my hubs went out looking for the car... turned out it was an old man that was lost. Scared the crap out of me though. Other than that, I avoid running too close to storm drains because I've seen raccoons climbing out of them at night.