Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Feelin' Hot Hot Hot (Kenyan Way Long Run - 15 miles)

No, not like you.  Rude.

More like this....

Yeah, hot as in I wanted to pass out like Li-Lo when it was all over with...only from the heat and the 15 miles I ran, not from Grey Goose straight up.  Times 15.

When I left the house Saturday morning at around the time Li-Lo just starts the real partying, it was 81 deg and 88% humidity and a feels like of 88deg.

Tell me that doesn't suck.  I dare you.

Plan was to do 5 miles before starting the route (which was only 10 miles and one that I hate (River Oaks loop) and that all worked out.  Did the 5 miles, carried my little handheld since there wouldnt be any fluids out yet, and even wore the little blinky light since I was running down Blossom and it can be pretty dark in some spots and you just never know if someone is going to see you or not (not that I ever saw one car, just runners like know crazy).

Got back to base, dropped off the bottle, got some water, found CD and we took off a few minutes before the group start.  Within 2 miles I knew it wasnt going to be my day to finish off 15 miles without some adjustments.
Stopped, dropped and rolled (meaning I set the Gman to intervals of 7/1's).  And off we went again.  
Smartest thing I could have done.  Yeah it took me a bit longer to finish, but in the end, I felt like I made the right decision.

As you can imagine the conditions were just brutal, but I held it together...unless you count where I thought the last water stop was supposed to be and as we rounded the corner and it wasnt there, I pretty much let out a gut wretching 'where the f*** is the water stop???!!!', and then figured out it was a half mile away from where it normally is on that route.

Right?  Rude.

2 miles to go and yeah, CD and I made it back to base in one piece....

Not CD and I...definitely not...not that we arent awesome like the KK sistas, but minus the blue ocean and the sandy beach...but there was a photographer at base and at the first water stop for the planned new website for KW.
So 15 mile run done and all I have to say is....

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