Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day!!!

Here is what I have already done on this National Running Day!!!

Signed up for the last marathon in my trifecta quest!

Registration opened today for Dallas White Rock Marathon (I did the half last year), so as soon as I got to work I got busy handing over my money to them.

So now that is lets recap....

First in line we have:

October 9, 2011

Secondly we have:

Dallas White Rock (this is from last years half marathon)
December 4, 2011

And then last but not least we have:

January 15, 2012

If I can complete all of these (and I will)...this will put me at 9 full marathons since my first one back in January 2007...
And later today, I will actually run on National Running Day!  6 miles on tap which include some speed work!  (and thankfully its an easy workout today)...


Jamoosh said...

White Rock is a good race at a great time of year.

Junie B said...

Which is EXACTLY why (one of the reasons) I am doing it again...all of these I have already done. Well only the half at DWR. first time doing their full, but yeah, its a great time of year. but it is texas so one never knows for certain...