Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

Whew!  I need one extra day off just to recover!

The weekend started off with the KW long run and for me that meant 13 miles.  If I remember correctly the weather stats for Saturday morning (@ 5:15am) were:  78deg and 98% humidity.  And if ever there was a time that I completely agreed with that, it was Saturday morning.  It was my first real rough go at a longer distance in quite some time.  Once again I took the first few miles (which I did before group start) easy, but then when I started with group run, I took the next few miles too fast.  It didnt help either that this route, one of my least favorites, included Memorial Park and instead of running on the road, I ran on the path and it just mentally wore my brain down, and takes way too much out of my legs.  By the time I got through the 2 miles there on the way out, I almost just packed it in and was going to call it a day at 10 miles. 

As I neared Memorial Drive again though, I said to myself, your turn around is not that far off.  Get to that water stop and head back. Take the short way (not doing Memorial again) and you can finish off that last mile at base.  You CAN do this.  You've done it before, in much worse, and for longer distances.  Quit being a baby.

It also helped that as I neared Memorial Dr. I saw a few of those that had left me (due to me taking a couple of walk breaks to get my head straight more than anything) were now walking ahead of me.  Little did I know (until later) that walking was going on even further up ahead...It was just that kind of morning for everyone I guess.

So yes, I made it to the water stop across 610 and headed back and finished out the scheduled mileage...It wasnt easy for me and it wasnt pretty, but at least only one of those miles were over 11:00 so I am happy about that.

After getting home from the run, I got everything ready and headed to the lake, where the day was filled with jet skiing to my hearts content along with family and friends.  Most everyone left early evening so it was just myself, niece, Nacole and Rhonda that were left to ourselves.  The girls got kinda silly drunk and for a short time I was left alone under the stars...with just my thoughts and realizing how wonderful life is and that I am one pretty lucky girl.

More jet skiing early EARLY the next morning for me...and more chill time with the girls.  That was about all the working out that got done!  Came home from the lake late Sunday, and was happy to sleep in my own bed!  Those girls, all that sun, and all that jet skiing wears a girl OUT!

Monday morning was an attempt at a small 'brick' workout.  15 mile bike (which wasnt easy due to the high gusty winds we were having), and then came in, quickly ate 1/2 of a Crustable, changed shoes (and shorts) and then set out on a short run.  Man I forgot how difficult that is.  My legs just didnt want to work, so the run became a walk/run which is fine.  15 miles on the bike, almost 2 miles on the legs.  Rested a bit, then went out by the pool and ended up just swimming a little.  2 laps of the pool and I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest!  So out of swimming shape!  So I just did a bit here and there, and after an hour out there my body and my ADD had had enough!

We went to see Hangover 2.  Horrible horrible horrible.  Thats all I have to say about that.  I see a lot of movies, generally 3 a month on average, and this is the first time in a very long time that I considered walking out during the movie and even afterwards I seriously thought of asking for my $ back, but didnt.

At least the Yogurtland froyo afterwards made up for it.  :O)

Now its back to running the next few days, a speed workout tomorrow and 14 miles on Saturday...I'm ready for my cut back weekend dammit!!!

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