Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Long Run - 9 Miles

98% humidity with temps at 73 is horrible, but its what we get here in SE Texas for about 6 months.

KW was still on hiatus, and of course I wanted to see the 'guy' again so I agreed to run with the KH's again.  They altered their start time to 6:30am and the route was through River Oaks (otherwise known as the sauna this time of year), so I wanted to only have to do 6 with the group.  I got to PL around 5:40am and did a loop of Memorial to start.  Which was awesome because I saw a lot of people I knew but never see much of anymore.  I stopped twice to chat for a couple of minutes.

The run overall was eh.  I ran too fast for about 5 miles and it bit me hard on the way back.  I basically resigned to run/walking and just got it done.  In addition to that I had tummy issues and had to stop twice to take care of biz'ness.  I really struggle with GI issues when its this kind of weather.  Time to not only slow my ass down, but to be more diligent with my food choices the day before.

I am so glad that KW starts back up this week...back to my comfort zone.

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