Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bay To Breakers (Hayes Street Hill) - 10 days to Race Day!

Course starts at the bay (San Francisco) and ends at the Pacific Ocean where the waves 'break' against the Ocean Beach (click for full picture and better view)

Looks like the 'wicked' downhill Coach has been telling me about is spot on right after topping Hayes but then at 5.5 its a straight downhill to the finish...Can't wait; just hope my quads are ready!!!  (Click for full picture and better view)

Bottom of the Hayes Street Hill, the highest point in elevation; some argue that its not that after you top this hill you still have a ways of an incline before the actual descent occurs down to Ocean Beach (which of course is still over 4 miles away at this point!  :)

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Anonymous said...

10 days!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!