Monday, May 9, 2011

Things That Still Kinda Freak Me Out...

I don't think I will ever get use to hearing being introduced as, or described as a runner, let alone a marathon runner.

This just happened again this past weekend, and for some reason it stuck out in my mind.  I was actually a little embarrassed by it, and most times that is the case.
I had met up with some friends at the movies (not Something Borrowed as in the movie still above) on Friday night, and unbeknownst to me prior, there was a guy that was joining us.  Someone I had never met (would later find out that yet again I was potentially being set up with one of my friends' guy friends...)
Anyway, the words 'this is my friend June.   She runs marathons too.'  just kinda felt funny to my ears this time moreso than others.  Maybe because I was a little taken back by the fact that this guy was joining us (thankfully I had dressed cute); I dont know really, but I was.

This has happened more often than not, mostly by my non-runner friends and by family members, but when another runner introduces a runner that way, it just sounded weird to me.  But a compliment too I guess?

And what else is weird to me, when asked 'so how far do you run?' (this happened on Saturday when I went to new person for haircut).  I dont care if it was 3 miles, they generally freak out to some extent.  When I answered on Saturday with '11 miles' I thought she was going to fall on the floor.  I was careful to leave out the word 'just' know when asked 'how far did you go today?' and your reply is 'just 10 miles'...thats always funny to people...

I don't know...I guess I just find it odd that people think runners are some breed of human that requires extra words for describing them...or that we're odd for how far or how often we run...

Do your friends or family do this when introducing you to new people?  Do people you know kinda freak out when they ask "so how far do you run?"


Karen said...

YES this happens to me all the time! I used to do the same thing, though..."Oh I will NEVER run 10 miles at a time you people are crazy!" Haha!

Jamoosh said...

Junie B - Marathon Runner.

You need business cards!

Pony and Petey said...

I get it all the time too. Sometimes it makes me feel good about myself...if the person doesn't freak out or make too much of it.

Other times, like just how you described, they ask how far I run and I tell them and then I get "I don't drive that far in my car!" or some such silly answer.

It makes me wonder if people think that this IS our identity, so they have to make alot out of it because they think we expect it or something like that???

I can usually tell when someone is honestly complimentary or when they're just blowing hot air. I answer the first person's questions and generally try to change the subject with the second person = )

For the record, I think you ARE an amazing runner!!! You continue to inspire and motivate me...thanks!

Lily said...

I feel like people either over or under react- "you ran 10 MILES! I would DIE!" or "you're training for a half marathon? Why not just go for the full?"

People are funny :)