Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just How Exactly Do You Plan to do THAT?

A few people have asked how exactly I plan to do the 3 marathons in 3 months thing.  Its actually a very good question.

It is me we are talking about after all...  :O)

If anyone remembers I was planning on doing the full at Houston (Jan 2011) after doing Chicago (Oct 2010), and well I didnt because honestly there were 2 reasons.

Initially I thought it was just that I was burnt out on training and just didnt feel like running anything over 15 miles (which is what I got back up to after Chicago before calling off Houston), and that might still have played a part in it, but honestly it was due to, as I said 2 reasons.

  1. There was too much time in between the 2 marathons.  I was basically going to have to ramp back up to my 20-21 miler again.  And the sole reason behind that was...
  2. Doing long runs on the weekends again was taking up time from my family.  I really wanted to help out more with the care of Mom and running extra long on Saturdays was just too much.  I dont like to do much after a long, hard run, let alone having to do what I had to do when caring for her.
Looking back on it all, I certainly made the right decision to drop down to the half at Houston because having that time with my Mom is precious in my memory now that she is gone.

So back to now...

There is a bit more time in between Chicago and Dallas White Rock than I would like, but just this morning I mapped out what would occur, and its simple really. 

After Chicago, take a full week off, then a couple of 15 milers, do a long run of 20-21 miles then taper the 3 weeks to Dallas.

Now from Dallas White Rock to Houston is going to be MUCH easier.  Take a full week off, run one longer run (probably 13-15) then a 20-21 miler, then taper the 3 weeks to Houston.

Obviously DWR and Houston, I have to face the reality that they arent going to be 'fast' by any means.  I am just not that kind of runner (I'm talking to skinnyrunner).  I don't see that changing.  So #2 and #3 the biggest fear I have is that I will chicken out (and drop to the halves of DWR and Hou) because of my inept ability to just go out there and run for running sake, and not put too much stock in the time factor.  Bottom line is I am putting this out there so I need to be held accountable and more than likely reminded of this some time in the near future from my readers.

Whatever I am going to do needs to get done in Chicago....  :O)  And the weather needs to cooperate this year!  :O)

Maybe not...but I will give it my best shot!!!!

Now I need some more followers dammit!!!  I need to be held accountable!!!!


TX Runner Mom said...

You can do it! I figure, hey you're all trained up for the mileage why not do it, right?

Tara said...

You can do it! We'll all be here to read about it and if necessary I can find you and kick your butt into gear.

You need followers? At least you have some :( I'll do a booggie when I get one.

Neeraj Rohilla said...

With your OCD type dedication to running, I am sure you'll do it :) Just don't run for any particular time goal for 2nd or 3rd marathon. Time goal for 1st marathon is a fair game.

I envy your insanity to actually do that. Best of luck :)


Neeraj Rohilla said...

Can't believe you deleted my comment.

MayRay said...

You can totally do it - I believe in you! I will try my best to keep you accountable, because goodness knows I need more people to keep me accountable in my life.