Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Easter Weekend/Time off Photos

Did this a couple of days

Went here too...

1 SMALL bag, 4 items, $204.00.  Oh Lulu how I love thee!

Also got my bib and chip for Bay to Breakers!!  Woot!

Colored some eggs...made me sad...thinking of Momma...We always did eggs together...

Pre-long run assembly..
Then on Saturday I began the trek North...
Driving by the entrance to my familys place that we had for some many years until Daddy passed...Cedar Point, Onalaska, Texas on Lake Livingston

Nearing the turn off for my nieces new place on Lake Livingston

Loading in the party boat

Brandy and I after we had both finished our share of jet skiing!  Wears a girl out!

Back end of nieces party boat

Nacole commandeering the party boat

Self portrait after a day on the lake
Jessie, the winner of the Easter egg hunt

Brandy, the loser of the Easter egg hunt;  My sister hid a dozen camoflaged plastic eggs with scratch offs and food gift card receipts in all of them!
Getting ready to hit the ground looking for eggs...Jessie cheating!

My sister called her out but she still got a head start!!!



more hunting....these show the hill from where the house will be down to the lake; 60ft pier being built as we speak!
Me begging Brandy to get off already and let me have my own time!!!

Me out there trying to do rooster tails

Finally on my own!

Weeeeee!!!!  and I am off!!!!

The 'children' after a day of boating and jet skiing
Niece in her Hummer...pulling the boat out of the water

View from the deck of the property

They made a liquor run!

Temporary housing for visitors!

Trying to learn how to work the margarita machine

Brandy is so cute!!

Sister and I on Easter morning

Niece and sister on Easter morning

Niece and I

Nacole and I  (nieces partner)

My nephew Brandon and I


RoseRunner said...

I had the exact same reaction you did to SR's eugene marathon recap with her bro. I commented far below yours, but just wanted to say I think you're rad for speaking the truth amongst a parade of "I'm so teary eyed reading this!!? way to go Matt!"

Mel said...

Love the photo recap!

Sorry that it was hard to experience your first holiday without mom :-( I bet she was there watching over though ;-)

Junie B said...

Thanks RR!

Melissa: Took me long enough huh? :O)