Friday, May 6, 2011

Just the Facts

Monday:  5 miles on the treadmill and I made it hurt.  I pretty much just was all ADD on there, pushing the pace for a song, slow down the next one, then slowly increase for a song or two.  Or I would switch to a higher incline and start out slower and build the speed up until I thought my legs were on fire.  I read an article that running on the treadmill on a 0 incline is pointless, so from here on out I will always do my treadmill running on 1 or 1.5 incline.  After the sweaty sweat sweat session on the treadmill, I hit the weights for some HIIT and cardio bursts for about 35 minutes.  Most times I wasnt even counting and found myself just lifting to exhaustion.

I had a really rough day at work and I found out that my niece had an accident over the weekend which resulted in surgery (10 pins and 1 plate in one of her legs that was broken in several places).  She is going to be fine but its going to take a lot of physical therapy and rehab.  I sure wish this family could catch a break.

Tuesday:  4 mile easy run.  Beautiful weather for a change so I pushed the pace.

Wednesday:  See Monday.   Minus the last paragraph.  :)

Thursday:  Hill repeats (in the Vibrams; still WINNING!) with the J-man.  6 mile bike.  Took it easy since I am a day late in the week doing a 'workout'.  Long run on Saturday (11 miles on tap) so I wanted to not wear out the legs.  KENYAN WAY TRAINING IS BACK!!  So so so happy about that!!!

Friday: Rest


Heather said...

I hate running on treadmill - but if I do, I usually do it on a 1 incline as well.

It bores me terribly.

Enjoy your weekend!

Junie B said...

I hate it too, but since I am really trying to keep my strength training up, i do it so it makes me go to the gym! i could run around here where the gym is, but its just easier to do it all inside. :O) mostly because i like to run first, so if i were to run outside it would require a shower before hitting the weights. way too hot and sweaty!!

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Yeah I'm not a treadmill lover either and only use it if I HAVE to!!!