Friday, August 12, 2011

Project (Run)Way

Recently in a Runners World issue and also at their online site the term "Fastinista" was coined.

I think around 2007 when I had just finished my first marathon here in Houston, was about the time that I began hearing about running skirts.  I certainly didn't see any here out and about, but I didn't care.  I bought my first one from Running Skirts and I was hooked.  Then there was Skirt Sports and before you knew it all the major brands of womens running apparel slowly but surely jumped on the bandwagon. 

The thing I liked about the skirts at the time was a) it was different and I had not tapped into the regular running fare of womens apparel just yet (meaning I hadnt discovered Tempo shorts).  and b) I felt more comfortable in a running skirt than in shorts for whatever reason.  Then once I lost a bit of weight and Summer had come around I began to feel a bit more confident in shorts.  So the love affair with Tempo shorts began and I began wearing the skirts less and less often.  Plus the Tempo shorts were a lot cheaper to stock up on than the skirts.  When Nike came out with their version of the running skirt I did purchase a couple and to date, these are the only 2 I have left.  All the others were given to charity or sold on Ebay.

I think the last time I wore a running skirt was a couple of years ago at the Bayou City Classic 10K.  That would have been March 2009 I guess.  Thats the last time I can remember a race photo with a skirt that much I know.

Last night as I was getting ready to go out for a short run in the feels like temp of 107deg (at 7pm mind you!), I didnt quite know what I wanted to throw on, and for whatever reason I grabbed one of the 2 running skirts.  I knew that I dont like wearing these with a running/jog bra only because they give me a muffin top, but I slipped one on, then put on a top and thought to myself:  eh, not so bad.  ;o)

So off I ran in my shorty short running skirt for the first time in over 2 years.  For the first mile I wondered what anyone was thinking about a girl running in a skirt, but then I figured, oh its old hat these days.  You see running skirts EVERYWHERE, but to be honest they still seem to resonate more with women who are a bit more on the fluffier side of the scale for some reason.  I actually felt kinda sexy running in that skirt.  The only drawback to running in this older style of Nike running skirt is that the fabric is still too 'thick' for me to run in in this heat.  It wasnt horrible but it was only 4 miles.  Their running skirts now are a lot thinner and more dri-fit than they were in previous years.

Nowadays what seems to be the frontrunner in womens running fashion is Lululemon.  And I am all over that bandwagon.  I love love love my Lululemon Speed Shorts and am partial to the Run Swiftly line of tanks, SS and LS tops (although not in this hot ass weather).   Show up at Kenyan Way on Saturday morning and its a virtual fashion show for the most part.  Speed Shorts by Lululemon are definitely the winner in the KW runway show that leaves from Jackson Hill every Saturday morning. 

They are everywhere.

I had even purchased one of the Lululemon Running Skirts early on in my Lululemon buying and trying days, but it soon found its way onto Ebay.  I wore it once.  I just wasnt in love with running skirts anymore. 

I sold all my Nike Tempos on Ebay, and the Nike 2" Road Race shorts that I had started running in post Nike Tempo and pre Lululemon were sold to a friend out in California.

I don't expect I will rotate the 2 running skirts I have left into my running schedule, but it was fun to run in something different for a change.

Do you run in a running skirt ever?  Are they popular where you live and run?  What style of shorts are you addicted to?

My favorite pair of Lulu's


Lisa said...

The legs of them don't stay in place on me. They just ride up. So, I only have two & I throw them on to run to the store in the summer with a tank top or something. LOVE my paper thin saucony running shorts, though. The thinner the better in hot/humid Tennessee. I have some old Hind shorts that I still wear. I'm thinking Saucony bought them out. These are thin too.

Junie B said...

Pearl Izumi has a new paper thin short out that I bought 2 pairs of because i love them so much. Product review on those probably next week.

Tara @ said...

I don't care for running skirts anymore... they ride up on me too much. I think my thighs are too big for them. (maybe if I went up a size)

I don't have a pair of Lulu's yet.... but I do prefer shorts, typically Nike ones. I love those plaid Lulu's you have... so cute!!

Corey @ Learning Patience said...

I love my LuLu Lemon tri shorts to run in...they are so comfy - I also have a running skirt for them as well, but it is not super comfy for long runs..
xoxo from Trinidad

Jamoosh said...

Although I have a great butt, I do not run in a running skirt.

K said...

Jamoosh...would you run in a skirt for a nice beer?

Loving my new Lululemon shorts. I had not really thought about my skirts for some time, but now that you mention it, I don't think I would be comfortable wearing them.

I am really having a hard time finding a nice Lululemon top for runs in this weather. I have the Swiftly shortsleeved for cooler temps, but the racer back was HUGE. No sizes in the store fit me and they don't seem to have much of a selection online.

For the money they ask for these things, you think they would go out of their way to
a. make sure they are true to size
b. have plenty on hand either in the store or online.

I think what I have found most annoying about Lululemon, and believe me I WANT to LOVE them... their lack of help in getting the size I need. They can't order it to the store and if they find it in another store, they want to charge me an additional 10.00 to ship it to me. That's not cool.

I am not even sure the thing will fit. I think it should be shipped to the store, on their dime, I will come in and try it on. If it fits, I will buy it. If not, they can stick it on the rack and it will sell in the store.

JunieB said...

what size are you in the shirts? 2? 0? I dont even think they make a 0 to be honest. Yeah 2's are hard to come by. they release new items on Thursdays online, and you have to be quick to get the smaller sizes.

yeah thats just dumb to charge to ship from another store. im lucky that my shirt sizes in Lulu are a 4, still hard to find sometimes, but seems to be getting easier. check ebay! i find a lot there!

saroy said...

I have 4 running skirts and wear them about half the time. The rest of the time I wear tri shorts or something like that.

I have heard so many raves about Lulu and would love to try a pair of their shorts, but their website only shows sizes up to a 10 which is way too small for me. I'm not plus size, but I'm also not a 10.

Although now that you've got me thinking about it again, I took a look at the actual measurements and I think what they call a 10 is not what I think of as a 10. Perhaps I can wear them after all!

Sporty Girl Jewelry said...

I'm hooked on skirts. I love feeling fashionable even when I run. But I only have 1 that I truly adore running in. It's my lululemon that I just bought in June. Probably my 10th running skirt but it's the first 'perfect' one.

Mel said...

Megan and my sister swear by skirts. I have 2, but don't wear them often. The Saucony one I have is comfortable enough I guess.

I couldn't get the hang of compression shorts either, maybe it was just the Under Armour ones I bought, but they rode up and looked like bloomers.

Can't say I have a favorite style, I am not style or brand loyal. My old favorite that I have 2 ratty pair of, because they don't make them anymore, they were paperthin Hind.

Generally light and short. Not too short though, lol. I have a "zone" of comfort.

Lesley @ said...

I pretty much only wear skirts or tempos. Tend to wear the skirts more for races or over capris in winter and tempos more for warm weather training.