Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mental OverDrive

Isn't that just a beautiful site to behold?!?!?!

However, the rain chances could go up, they could go down so who knows.  All I know is that I want cloud cover, lower temps and yes rain.
But there's one catch to that.  It would be so awesomely great if the rain either held off completely or just a pitter patter of rain during my 20 miler on Saturday morning!

I do not mind running in the rain, however if its pouring and/or lightning&thunder thats a different story.  Its really hard to actually start a run when its pouring but for some reason if it starts pouring after you have started it doesn't seem so bad.  Weird.  And lets be honest, I would rather NOT run in the rain but I don't necessarily mind it.

Anyway, I will be stalking the weather and the prediction for when the showers/storms would be existent but I know that it won't make a difference as to what actually happens when I get up to head out.

So in my head I am plotting out all the plan B's, C's, D's and E's I can think of.  At first I thought of just pushing it to next weekend, but that won't work because my 22 miler is the next weekend.  NO way I am doing a 20 and a 22 two weekends in a row.  And I don't want a 4 week taper, which is what would be the case if I ran 20-22 next weekend and called training in the bag for Chicago.

Thankfully this is a 3 day weekend and worse case scenario I would push my long run to Monday morning if absolutely necessary.  I would just run a mid distance on Saturday when the opportunity presented itself and go from there.

But I don't want to have to do it on Monday!  Monday is free yoga day all over the city (check your local studios for times and class regime) and I wanted to take a few yoga classes (yes more than one!) on Monday at some different studios!!!  A lot of the studios are only taking reservations so be sure and check it out soon if you are interested!
Also I know that big cities like Austin, Dallas etc., are all doing this so check your area(s) to see if you can get in on a great deal!!!
If you've never tried yoga in any form and part of it is due to price, this is an excellent way to try it out for free!!!

Plus I just don't want to have to do a route thats boring and I don't want to have to do my own fluids!!  Wah!!!

Have you ever had a reeeally long run twarted due to weather; injury?  What did you do?  At this crucial stage of my training, what would you suggest?  Are they having free day of yoga where you live?  Are you going to be doing any classes?  What kind?


And have you done this lately????  The contest is almost over so I appreciate it if you would vote every day!


Xaarlin said...

I haven't done too many long runs due to my
Calf crap that happened in may. I paid to train with a group but now bail on the long runs because I'm scared of my injury presenting itself on a long run and me being 5+ miles
Away from the public transport. So I run on the treadmill. Pretty much all the time now because the lakefront is too packed with people too. I just break it down into sections. It can be boring, but it works and I push myself a little more than if I was outside. Since I bailed on my long run this past weekend, I've started doing some am and pm runs of at least 5 miles (combo tread and elliptical) feels pretty good.

Jamoosh said...

If I run it will not be Saturday, so I am hoping for rain during my run.

Tara @ texasrunnergirl.com said...

I will be doing nothing on Monday... and I voted :) again. Our long run is 16 this weekend and I'm nervous!! I'll run as long as there is no lightning.

Nikki said...

Thanks for the heads up on the free yoga day! Had no idea about it! You're so right about rain. If it's raining at the start I don't wanna go. But if it starts raining while I run I don't mind at all! (ie: Chicago RnR half a couple weeks ago!)