Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1 hour and 20 minutes done.  Thank goodness for Basketball Wives on the television and Lady GaGa on my iPod.
Normally I have speed and 8 miles total to do on Wednesdays, and normally I split the run up, running outside before work and finishing up on the treadmill after work.  Well this week I had a recovery week from speed, but still 8 miles to do.  Well since the bed won out this morning and I didnt run any before work I had to suffer it out on the treadmill.  It was either that or 8 miles in feels like temps of 108deg.
Um.  Yeah.  Treadmill won.
You know what is worse though than running on the treadmill?  The idiots in the gym that just make me crazy.  I do not like to socialize and therefore I basically am a nasty snob.  Oh well.

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