Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stick a Fork in Me (or a Bagillion Sharp Knives) a/k/a Treadmill "Running" Truly Sucks Ass

I get SO bored on the treadmill, and you won't ever see me on that thing for over an hour I don't care how hot it is outside (except yesterday of course; I do believe thats the farthest I have ever run on a treadmill), but I get so bored in there that I typically do stupid things from time to time to break up the monotony.
Last night I decided to take pictures.

2 versions of me in the mirrors.  One directly to the side and then from the back.  Running away from each other I suppose you could say!

Man!  I am so fast I'm blurry!  LOL!

I don't understand how people do this day in and day out!  I thought I was going to just go nutso on that thing for the time I was on it. 

And how someone does 18 miles on one is beyond me.  Everyone knows how I feel about the majority of your marathon training being done on a treadmill so I wont beat that dead horse again.   But Cely should get a medal for being able to run all that time on the treadmill and not pull out her eyelashes one by one.  I don't know which one would be more painful.

What is the farthest you have ever run on a treadmill? 


saroy said...

Farthest I've done on a treadmill was probably about 8 miles. Not particularly fun but it was a weekend when I needed a longer run and it was storming outside.

Lisa said...

I ran 10 miles on one once back in Sept of 2007. The year they had to shut down Chicago, I was hotter than hell here for like 2 months that fall in Sept & Oct.
Running on them now just tears my IT Band up. Can't do it.

Lesley @ said...

16 is the furthest I've ever gone on a tread. But during the school year, I'm on the tread 4 days a week usually... Free childcare. I really try to keep my long runs outdoors, though.