Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kenyan Way Long Run - Cut Back Week (11 Miles)

This was shortly before 6pm yesterday but the actual high hit 109.  As you can see by the Heat Index of 108 that tells you that the humidity was actually quite low.  At 5:48pm
This is not normal for Houston.  Not at all.  Yes it gets hot and extremely humid here but we dont have this kind of weather here.  And more of the same today and through the next several days.  Thanks Irene.

This was not the case in the morning during long run time.
We were supposed to have lower temps (mid 70's) and lower humidity in the morning as well, but that did not happen.
What it was at 5am was:  82deg, 85% humidity and a feels like of 89.
Now I know that this is basically the same as it has been every other Saturday, but for me, and for a lot of other people (gathered information by small talk), today felt worse than ever.  When I can feel the sweat pouring into my shoes, its just bad and I hate it.  Even on a short 11 mile jaunt I could have used a change of shoes and socks.

I started with 3 miles before the group start and it was unreal.  I took off a few moments before the group start (I want as much darkness as I can eek out on these hot ass runs) and just kept it nice and easy.  I was alone because yet again my peeps didnt show.  Ugh.  But I am use to it.  Refer back to the picture put here on Friday about commitment vs interest.  I will not ever understand why some people pay for either training or a race and then dont put in the work.  I just wont.

Anyway thankfully PS found me around mile 4 of the route and we finished the route together and I was thankful to have her next to me even if we only conversed during walk breaks and water stops. 
Overall a successful run I suppose.  The only thing that I am super careful about and is so hard to do is not to overhydrate at the water stops and to take in the fluids slowly. 

Anyway its done and over and now we look forward to a 20 miler this coming Saturday.  Conditions dont look to be any different other than by looking at the forecast this morning, we might get lucky with cloud cover.  I have also decided that I will start at 4am and as much as I dont want to do that alone, not sure I have much other choice.  If I see that there will be substantial cloud cover for Saturday morning, I might start at 4:30 or so, but we'll just have to wait and see.  I would really rather start at 4 though.  A few of my friends had 22 milers yesterday and while they are faster, it didnt seem to matter.  Once the sun rises and hits you, its just that much more brutal.  I see runner friends of mine who love running as much as I do, ready to just pack it in due to our extreme weather this year.  Sad.

How was your long run this weekend?  Do any of you live in the path of Irene?  Do you know people that pay for training or for a marathon/half marathon and then don't do the training?


Gaslight ;-) said...

I can't believe someone no-showed for a pre-dawn run date. That is just wrong.
Not sure how my marathon fueling is going to go when I've been downing 2+ cups of fluids at the stops during training.

Junie B said...

I have been doing 2 cups as well. One slow and one SUUUUUPER slow. sippy slow :)

Xaarlin said...

You are so strong for doing those runs outside. Yikes! I'm a woos and love my BFF the treadmill far too much.

6 weeks to go and the weather here seems to be cooling off. It's been in the low 70's here lately. I'm hoping for an even bigger decrease by October!!

Jamoosh said...

I did my long run Friday morning. A few degrees cooler but almost 100% humidity. Nothing abnormal except for that it was a still as could be. Nary a breeze. Sucked!