Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Chill In The Air


Not really!  But it was the first day in I think over 35 days that our temps here were below 100.  We've been having temps of 100-103 with feels like of 110 due to the high humidity, but today because we had clouds and a teensy bit of rain today, the temps stayed around 85 until the sun came out around 3pm.  Of course it couldn't stay cloudy and 'cool' till I got home and had the chance to run!

But when I did go out and run around 6:30pm it was 91deg w a feels like of 92 (low low humidity), to me it felt like Fall.  Ha!  Not really.  But sooooo much better than the rest of this Summer for sure!  I was curious if it would really make that much of a difference and either it did enormously or I was just having a really good day.

I like to think it was due to the temps because if thats the case, look out when the temps hit 70 and below!  But when o when will that happen?  This weekend is to be brutally hot due to Irene sucking all the life out of us and making for yes, very dry air (low humidity), but the temps are to be 106 tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.  The real temp, not the feels like.  And through next Friday, temps of 100 or more so its right back to it so I am thankful for the brief reprieve today to give me a bit of confidence back.  Sure it was a short run but even the short ones have been tough in the conditions so this is a good sign.

I think also the fact that since Sunday I have gotten my eating under control that has helped as well.  I am feeling lighter and things are just starting to feel good again on my inside.

In other news I recently found out that Lesley over at Racing It Off has the same goal that I do for Dallas White Rock, so hopefully the two of us, both just coming off of marathons in October (me in Chicago and her at Marine Corps) will be able to somehow get each other to our goal or at least very very close!  Lets rock White Rock Lesley!!!

OK, time for some PR.  I haven't been blogging individual training runs other than the long runs, but I had to write about todays small victory.  Get em when you can!


Lauren said...

Great job on the eating and yay for "coolER" weather lol. YOu're an inspiration!

Nikki said...

Isn't it insane when we think the 90s is cool? I was mad I couldn't run on the "cool" day...stupid injury (not a running one, just an idiot random one) I'm trying to rest.

Lesley @ said...

I felt like it was a tad cooler yesterday morning when I did my long run. Crazy how at this point, even 5 degrees seems like relief!

And that goal, I *will* get it. Wait, *we* will get it. No sweat. Ok, lots of sweat. But I'm confident, and I'm thrilled that I have a race buddy. I don't do nearly as well (mentally) alone.