Monday, August 29, 2011

Product Review (Sorta) - Brooks Ravenna vs Asics DS Trainer

For months now I have been running in the Brooks Ravenna which is for those that slightly overpronate, but yet also want a lightweight trainer.

I truly love love love this shoe.  I am on my 3rd pair now, the most recent pair bought yet again at Running Warehouse online for a cut rate cost of $49.00 because the color was being discontinued (purple not the orange).  This shoe weighs in at 9oz and again, I am just in love with this shoe.  I think its lightweight enough to not feel like you are wearing bricks on your feet, but not so light to where you feel like you are having aches, pains and possibly injury if you like a bit more of the 'safety' of a shoe outside of a flat with no cushion, no stability, etc. to carry you long(er) distances.

Since I just bought another pair, which are to be my pair that I run Chicago Marathon in (in 6 weeks!!!), I will still more than likely still run in those shoes come race day.  I've worn them now on 2 maybe 3 runs, but nothing over 11 miles.  I honestly dont want more than 50-60 miles on them come race day.

This weekend I ran across the new DS Trainer by Asics.  Now I have always wondered about this shoe, but honestly the higher price tag has always swayed me back to reality and the fact there wasnt anything wrong with my Nike Triax (previous lov-ah) and now the Ravenna.

But then I just kinda feel in love with the fact that their newest model is purty. 

Behold the pink!
Now I am not a 'pink' person at all, but quite frankly I am sick of white or gray and then some other splash of color. 
And its not like I hate pink.

And they are 8.5 oz.  Even lighter than the Ravenna!!!

I got a pair from the back, slid off the Nike Free's I had on, and put on a very cushiony shoe.  Honestly in the toe box area it felt like a squishy sponge.  Obviously this doesn't matter to me really because I wear SuperFeet inserts unless I am running on the treadmill and then I generally just use the inserts that come with the shoe.  Yes I just change them in and out as I see fit :O)

I walked around the store in them for a bit, ran the track in the store (cannot be conclusive I know), and decided I wanted to give them a try. 

A little bit of pleeeease and a little bit of smile and I had a pair of the new Asics DS Trainers in my hands to try out and product review.  :O) 


I havent run in them obviously as of yet, but I am sure itchin' to!   Will let you either thumbs up or thumbs down once I put a few miles on them.

Anyone out there run in DS Trainers?  Thoughts?  What kind of runner are you?  Neutral, over/underpronator?  What is you favorite color when it comes to running gear?


Lesley @ said...

I'm a neutral, but I am REALLY loving those pink shoes... yes, please!

Lindsay said...

I know this post was a while ago, but I was wondering what you thought between the two. I've been running in the DS Trainer for a bit now (I do love the pink!), but they don't offer enough support for my over-pronation. I have a pair of Ravennas that I'm trying to decide whether to keep or not. I was curious about the differences you noticed between the two.