Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear John August,

I am sorry to have to tell you this in a letter blog post, and I know its been a very short lived relationship, but its time for you to move on. 

Its not me, its you.

I cannot take another day with you to be completely honest.  You have made me feel broken, battered and bruised.  And have caused me such anguish on many a weekend.  The days of you using and abusing me are over I say!

Not only that but you have caused my running clothes and shoes to reach the point that some of them, even after washing extensively, still have to be left outside due to the stench.  Well not the clothes so much, but definitely the shoes.  Its no wonder they haven't rented my place out yet.

You have ruined it with your lingering presence.  Ruined.  It.

I am thankful that others in my life (the weathermen) have solidified this break up with the news that indeed your days of 100+degree torture and sick love games are indeed over after today.  How fitting is that?

End of August.
End of the 100's.

I know that they say that parting is such sweet sorrow, and I am quite sure that I (nor will a lot of others) ever forget this time we had together, but it will be painful memories and there is no sorrow being felt here.  

My heart lies with another, and I am anxiously awaiting his arrival.  His name is October, with November coming in at a close 2nd, but for now I will make do with September.

September ain't such a bad dude.

So August.  Go.  Be on your way.  There is nothing more here for you.  Or for me.

I bid you adieu.


Jamoosh said...

September is a bad, ornery dude! Teasing you one weekend with "Fall" like weather and then scorching you the next, reminding you that Summer hasn't quite left yet.

Xaarlin said...

Well said! ;)

Kellie said...

Agreed! Byebye August!

Tara @ said...

I'm so ready for this heat nastiness to be over!!!! I think this is the worst it's been ever. I suppose I could look it up but that takes effort.

Nikki said...

AMEN! Goodbye August. Good riddance. May we never see the likes of you again.

Lauren said...

Well said! I can't wait til this crap is OVER!