Monday, August 29, 2011

Where I Went and Where I'm Going

Where I Went (last weeks training)

Monday -  1 hour treadmill run  Check! 
Tuesday -  Bikram - 90 minutes   Check!
Wednesday -  8 miles (treadmill); incorporated some speed, hills and even a Tabata thrown in for good measure (at 8:30pace).  Followed up with about 20 minutes of weights   Check!
Thursday - 4 miles  Check!
Friday -  Rest Day    Check!
Saturday -   ELEVEN. GLORIOUS. MILES.  Thank the baby Jesus for a cut back week!!    Check!
Sunday -   Nada.  Check!
Where I'm Going (this weeks training)

Monday -  6 miles
Tuesday -  Bikram - 90 minutes
Wednesday -  8 miles (not sure of what the speed workout is yet as I havent looked):  Another treadmill day fo sho.
Thursday -  Bikram - 90 minutes
Friday -  Rest Day
Saturday -   Long run - 20 miles
Sunday -   Recover


I've never been so happy to see 90 in my whole life.
And I hope it pours down rain and ruins every persons Labor Day Weekend too.

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Xaarlin said...

Fabulous week you had! Enjoy the "cool" front this week ;)