Monday, August 8, 2011

Where I Went and Where I'm Going

Where I Went (last weeks training)

Monday - 6 miles am (no gym since I have a memorial service this evening)  Check!Tuesday - Bikram  Check!
Wednesday - 8 miles w/speed  (will probably do a double, w/ the speed portion on the treadmill) - 3 miles before work   Check!   Speed on treadmill after work - Scheduled called Yasso 800's x 10 (8:40 pace) - Actual workout was noted in this blog post.
Thursday - 3 miles am - Bikram pm  Check!
Friday -
Rest day   Check!
Saturday -  Long run - 18 miles Check!
Sunday - Recover   Check!  even though I worked 6 hours on my feet at the Locker

Where I'm Going (this weeks training)

Monday -  1 hour treadmill run
Tuesday -  Bikram - 90 minutes
Wednesday -  8 miles (not sure of what the speed workout is yet as I havent looked)
Thursday - 4 miles  (skipping Bikram this day; opting for short run instead)
Friday -  Rest Day
Saturday -   ELEVEN. GLORIOUS. MILES.  Thank the baby Jesus for a cut back week!!  Bad thing is a cut back week on running means a cut back week on eating!!!  :O)
Sunday -   Not sure on this yet.  I might bike while BCRR runs their Sunday morning run or I might run a few just because.