Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dream Sicle, Big Dill Pickle

Anyone know what song those lyrics are from?  Don't cheat!

I wanted to share what I thought was like the best food/smoothie invention EVER, until Google told me I had not in fact invented something earth and mind shattering...

Le sigh.

I still think I did though, since I really never ever thought anyone could possibly have come up with such a CA-RAZEE idea to put frozen cantelope in a smoothie, therefore since I didn't know about it, and I didn't google it, I made it up myself.   Argument over.  Where's the patent office?

So I love me some cantaloupe.  I was raised eating them, practically a side dish all Summer in our house growing up.  Momma would slice them up and I couldn't wait to have some with supper every night.  It was that or cucumbers.  Just how it was.  So every Summer I try a few times to do like Momma could do oh so well and thats pick out the perfect sweet cantaloupes and I never quite get it right.

Right now you can find them really cheap at the grocer, so on Sunday I tried yet again hoping that Momma was guiding me in some way...I put them away in the refrigerator when I got home and Monday night I cut one open, cleaned out the seeds and went to town on half of it!  NOM!  NOM!  NOM!  Success!  I had the perfectly sweet cantaloupe and I ate a whole half of one right then and there.

Then all day yesterday I thought about the rest of that canteloupe and as I was in the midst of a severe 90 min Bikram class my mind wandered to what I was going to eat after (happens every time), and in my head I knew I really wanted a smoothie but yet I really wanted that canteloupe too!

So I thought to myself:  Self, you have some things to attend to when you get home, so first thing put the other half of that sliced canteloupe in the freezer right away and by the time you are done with everything else, it'll be halfway semi-frozen.  Then you can add it to your normal frozen banana etc., smoothie and if it sucks no harm, no foul.  How bad could it turn out to be after all?  Its a canteloupe for Gods sake!!!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... what do you think happened?

Just the best damn smoothie ever known to (wo)man!

Seriously I love this smoothie so much I want to marry it!

Most of the information I found on the recipe after I invented it, use a bit of orange juice, or plain yogurt etc., but I am not interested in all of that.  I also read where apparently strawberries and canteloupe together in a smoothie is the bomb...I might try that tonight.

Here is what I did:
1/2 canteloupe cut up and frozen
1 banana - frozen
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 c of raw oats
pinch of Xanthum Gum (for making it a bit thicker; completely optional)

The vanilla protein powder, and the orange color and taste just reminded me of a yummy Dream Sicle!  I am sure if I did add orange juice or a real orange it really would taste like one!

Blend and enjoy!!!!
Seriously it is the best damn smoothie I have ever made!!!  Cherries you are now moved down to #2 on my list!!!

So are you a smoothie person?  Whats your favorite combo?  Ever tried frozen canteloupe in there?  I bet not since I obviously just invented it last night.  :O)  


Nikki said...

Yeah so I'm just going to have to say you're a genius! I love me some cantaloupe too but have never thought of that. So invented it! I go on and off smoothie kicks. For a while when I was living in IL I had a green smoothie with spinach, banana, almond butter and protein powder (and sometimes random other fruit I had around) for breakfast every day. Then winter hit and I wanted a hot breakfast before going out in the snow. Now that it's 100 every day I should probably go back to smoothies!

Nicole C. said...

I don't know what happened to me over the last few years but I no longer like cantaloupe. My mawmaw always had it cut up for me in the refrigerator and I would just go to town. Weird how our taste can change like that.

Lesley @ said...

Frozen cherries, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder, packet of diet hot chocolate, handful of spinach, and some milk. Y-U-M