Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kenyan Way Long Run - Same O Same O

Feels like of 88deg

Same story, different week.  I only had 11 miles to do on the schedule this week.  The much needed cut back week, and thankfully the route this week was one of my favorites.  A quick 7.5 mile route (with options to add on) that seems to just go by very quickly for me and I usually can hammer this one out. 

It was no different today, although a different type of hammer was used.  With the weather, while I still did it much faster than most of my runs this Summer, it still left a little bit to be desired.

I started a bit early to get 3.5 miles in before starting the actual route and then headed on my way before the group start so as to just get it done and back home as quickly as possible.  I went out way too fast on the first 7 miles and by the time I hit the 2nd water stop my pace started slowing (I was running about 10:20's prior to that) and I took a couple of walk breaks in the last few miles bringing my average pace down to 10:40/10:45 which is still faster than I have been doing on the longer mileage runs.  I am still happy with that though in this kind of heat.  I was thankful to have PS who had started back with KW with this new session find me along that last stretch and since she hasnt been running at all, she welcomed me as much as I welcomed her.  Shes a talker, and I took one ear bud out so that I could hear her and catch up on everything thats been going on with her and the family.

Overall I was happy with the run other than the two stops I had to make along the way for Mother Nature.  :)  I have no shame.  If its dark out and I can duck off into the shadows thats exactly what I am going to do.  :)

What sucked was that I had put in to work today at LL, so no rest for the weary and I was at work by 10:30.  After the dehydrating 11 miles and 8 hours on my feet I was dead tired by the time I got home so we just watched a bit of tv and chilled.  With Houston Marathon training starting up with all the groups, the store is just more packed, busy and crazy more than usual.  I did ride my bike to and from but its barely worth mentioning since its only a mile each way :)

Now its just time to mentally prepare for my 19 miler next Saturday.  With the forecast its going to be just as miserable as it has been, so it will be back to 7/1 intervals I suppose.  And another ice bath.

Something to note:  As I was driving home from the long run, as I was driving I saw a guy running with a sweatshirt on!  I wanted to pull over and beat some sense into him.  I don't know what people think when they are doing crap like that!  It doesnt make you a bad ass; it makes you a stupid ass.

Do you see people like that where you are?  People running in long sleeves, pants, sweatshirts?  Or worse in those silver aluminum foil looking get ups that I still see from time to time?  Why do people do this do you think?


Jamoosh said...

Definitely another typical miserable Houston Summer morning. Is November here yet?

Lisa said...

People that exercise in heavy clothing like that have some weird idea that they'll sweat more & loose weight faster when all their losing is the water weight. I call them MORONS. ha!
Don't get me started on the folks that run in all black EARLY in the morning when it's no where near daylight yet & nothing about them is reflecting light.

Mel said...

sounds like a very exhausting day!

I don't really see it much up here, but when I run downtown, and there are a ton more people to see, I want to beat people all of the time.

that and I want to force people to take running, biking, walking etiquitte. I got run off the concrete yesterday by a bike. I was livid, but then again, it happens just about every other week. some people are pretty stupid and rude.

I only saw 1 moonsuit yesterday

Anonymous said...

Wearing space suits and heavy cotton hoodies and sweatshirts is in fact dangerous.

Do in fact stop these people if they are in your path. A simple suggestion that they are not letting their body breathe might get them to thinking.

If you have to run clear across the street or stop your car in the middle of the street to yell at them might not be well received.