Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Do YOU Care About Today?

Back on My Feet - Program for helping the Homeless
As someone who use to run by COUNTLESS homeless shelters when I lived downtown, this story really hit home for me...Every day I encountered mostly waves and you go girl! shouts from the homeless either sitting outside smoking a cigarette or chatting up their buddies...
I was never afraid of them, not once.  I have never had anxiety about it, while friends and family always worried about me...
Anyway I found this story extremely interesting and because of it I am going to see about a Back on My Feet program here in Houston...If we dont have one yet, we should.

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Lauren said...

I really try to not judge people who are homeless, because you never know where they came from or what they've experienced.

I appreciate your view on the less fortunate! Sounds like a great program :D