Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Days run in May: 19
Days left to run in May:12
Days left to a 5 day weekend (AND the SATC movie premiere!) 8

Start time:  5:00pm (I started early because I knew I wanted to swim afterwards and I didnt want it to be late getting in after all of it).

I dont know what the temps etc., were when I started because I didnt look, but when I finished 6 miles, the temp said 89deg, so I am gonna guess that it was maybe 91 when I started with the sun beating down on me big time.  I did a 4 mile loop before stopping off at the house to get some water.  Then I set off for a mile loop, stopped at home again, got more water and did one more 1 mile loop.

Came inside, toweled off the massive amounts of sweat, put on my swimsuit and jumped in the pool for 20 min of laps.  I would freestyle swim one lap, swim one lap on my back.  Repeat.  After 2 sets, I would rest a few, let the HR drop and go again.

For feeling as lethargic as I did today (thanks to TOM), it was a good workout and I approached the run nice and easy.  I was about a block from home before I realized I didnt have the Garmin on, so I just ran by feel and used the lights at major intersections as my 'rest'.

Peace and Happy Running!

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