Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Days run in May: 12

Days left to run in May: 19
Days left to a 5 day weekend (AND the SATC movie premiere!) 15

Weather not relative  :o)

I have never run on these legs more than um...maybe 5 days in a row?  6 maaaaaaaaybe...All I know is that my legs are tired.  I have never put them through this before.  Every day I get up and I going to be able to do this?  Make it 'x' number days left???

45 min on the treadmill
1hour 15 min on weights


Breakfast:  taco (beans, egg, cheese, green picante sauce)
Snack:  banana
Lunch:  raw veggies and a cheese sammich  :o) (thats for you Bill!)
Snack:  green beans.  yes I said green beans.  Hey the body wants what the body wants. :o)  Thankfully the ala carte line in the cafeteria had them today :o)
Dinner: Amy's Veggie Burger, had it a la naked (i.e. no bread); topped with sprouts,sauteed fresh spinach, mustard, kalamatas and a slice of cheeeeeeeeeeese!  Served with roasted asparagus and care-wots!  Scrummy de-lish!


Heather said...

Hi Junie - I wanted to let you know that every time I visit your site it says that I may get viruses - that's why I haven't been commenting!

Looks like you have been doing a lot of great running. I have run the last three days in a row and my legs are in pain!

Junie B said...

BOOOOOOO!! I wonder why that is!!?? I read yours EVERY day...its one of the three that I look at every single morning when I get to work! :O)

Lauren said...

You're doing a great job!