Thursday, May 27, 2010

...and on the 27th day...

4 miles

Slowest mile: 9:56
Fastest mile:  9:42

Whaaaat?  Dang.  Must have been all the shade in the rich peoples neighborhood and the smooth, smooth sidewalks.  I decided to run right through River Oaks today, staying off the main roads.  Its an easy reach for me from my house to the rich side of the tracks, so I took the shortcut over there missing a lot of the stop and go of too many crossings of traffic and stop lights.

And to think, I didn't want to run at all.
4 days left to run and TOMORROW is Sex and the City 2 for me!!!!!!!!!  Me and a HUGE small bag of popcorn...

p.s. the 2fer didnt happen...I didnt sleep well last night, so when the alarm went off at 5am I said "screw that"...and didnt get up till 6:10 :)

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Lauren said...

Yayy someone else as excited about SATC 2 as me. I planned this massive "girls night out". So we'll see how that all turns out ;D