Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Days run in May: 4
Days left to run in May: 27
Days left to a 5 day weekend: 23

Gym day.  Gonna be sore manana methinks!

45 min run: treadmill run
5 min walk on 10 incline (ouchie!)
1 hour 10 min weights


T- said...

But it’s there for you, beyond you, after you lace up your shoes, lose a little faith in yourself, and run like an animal chasing the moon’s reflection in countless drops of rain.


You both make me want to take off from my desk and run like the wind.

Junie B said...

thank you T for that link! and the words...

i have to say that...today...my legs REALLY arent cooperating as they should be...and they're tired.

tired as in 'i dont think i can run' tired...and I have 5 miles to do tonight...in once again 90+ degree weather...