Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Long Run

Yes, KW still on hiatus, but no rest for the weary.  I sent out an email earlier in the week to see who wanted to meet up to run an easy 10 miles.  Only Amber took me up on the 7am start.  Not surprised at all.  [insert : / here] ...

At the start, temp was 72 and 91% humidity according to Weatherbug app.  Fabulous.  It actually felt worse than that to be honest.

I got there a bit early, antsy as I was (not use to sitting around so early on Saturdays) so I did a loop of JH/Washington which is just shy of 1.5 miles.  Once I got back Amber was pulling up and off we went.

Try as we might, we couldnt seem to slow down to a pace I wanted this morning (I would have rather come in at 10:30).  It took effort to pull back as often as we did.  The route (on purpose) took us by mi casa at mile 2 and mile 8 so I had cold Gatorade in the fridge for those stops.  We made the loop at Rice and with 2 water fountains (mile 4 and 5.5) the route was perfect for a non-supported Saturday run.

Mile(s) 1.5 - no data (I didnt turn the Garmin on till we started the 10 mile route
Mile 1: 10:07
Mile 2: 10:02
Mile 3: 10:10
Mile 4: 10:12
Mile 5: 10:06
Mile 6: 10:23 (yeah I walked here and didnt stop my watch; across the street to the potty :)
Mile 7: 10:13
Mile 8: 10:07
Mile 9: 10:06
Mile 10: 10:07
Total miles: 11.5
Average pace for 10 miles: 10:09

Looking at those splits now; wow.  Talk about consistency in the overall pace of each.  But as I said there were PLENTY of times we would look at our watches and think Oh shiznit...slooooooow down...there were a couple of times where I would just stop running though and walk for maybe 20-30 seconds...HR would get up there and I could 'feel' it and knowing how much further we had to go, I knew I needed it.

I got my marathon training schedule, and while in the month of May its more about just maintaining (official Chicago training doesnt start till June 5th and my longest run in May only goes to 14 miles), my running/training pace shows it needs to be between 10 and 10:15, so we're golden (for some reason in June forward it shows 10:25; maybe because of my goal time I put in on the matrix).  Obviously thats about 45 sec slower than what I hope to do on race day in October.  God willing and weather permitting :)

The only thing of note really was that I weighed before I left and when I got home.  3 lbs of lost water weight is not bad, but its not good either...I had forgotten how incredibly drenched with sweat one gets once 'Summer' hits the Bayou city....


Days run in May:  1
Days left to run in May: 30
Days left to a 5 day weekend: 26


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