Monday, May 10, 2010

Days run in May: 10
Days left to run in May: 21
Days left to a 5 day weekend (AND the SATC movie premiere!) 17

80 deg
65% humidity
67 deg dewpoint
feels like 84

Mileage: 5 miles
Did 7/1's
Pace varied from 9:12 to 9:49

I mapmyrun'd out a different route today and I have to say varying up the routes these days really seems to help.  Plus it helps to run through some of these back streets because I can run on the side of the road with the shade :o)

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs
                1 piece of toast/smidge of butter/grape jelly
Snack:      Orange/4 whole wheat crackers
Lunch:      1 can of tuna fish (tossed with green onion, pepper flakes, a smidge of no fat sour cream and a couple of squirts of regular mustard
                1/4 c of mashed avocado
                6 whole wheat crackers
Snack:      Overnight oats w/4 fresh strawberries chopped in
Dinner:      Not hungry right now, but I figure its going to be leftover couscous and roasted veggies that I fixed last night.

Sorry if the cataloging of what I eat is boring, but as with anything, if I write it down (especially here on this blog), then I will hold myself accountable for the outcome of making bad food choices.

I finally am making progress on the scale again (on Saturday I was down almost 14 lbs), inching closer and closer to that ever glorious weight goal, which I guess I should go ahead and post the goal here:  109.9; and if I hit 108, then I wouldnt like, you know, slash my wrists or anything out of disappointment.

I'm just sayin'.


More and more I am finding that the whole no meat during Lent thing really changed me...Now whenever I do eat any meat, as I have said before it really does a number on me if I am not careful (this doesnt seem to apply when I eat seafood though).  Again yesterday...when I got to Moms I was starving and I didnt know when we were (or if we were) going to go eat.  There was a piece of sausage (I am guessing something like Eckrich) in the refrigerator and I grabbed it and scarfed it down.  Bad choices have repercussions and I should never have let myself be susceptible to such ickiness that is an Eckrich sausage...

For the rest of the day and night, I just felt awful on the inside.  Felt fat, bloaty and just overall gross.

I was disappointed at the restaurant we went to (Hofbrau), that since my new ways of eating, didnt offer any kind of vegetarian plate option.  So I had to make do with ordering ala carte which was fine I guess.  I just ordered a baked potato ( on the skinny side ) and some grilled veggies...Oh and I had a handful of fried mushrooms...hey it was a family dinner!  They were yummy!

On a side note, yes Mom finally got to come home (Saturday), but I am not entirely convinced this was the smartest thing to do...I guess only time will tell...It was very draining yesterday and I was only there for a few short hours...its like babysitting to be completely honest with you...I dont know how my sister is surviving.  She is truly my hero...I could never hold a candle to her.  Never.  Ever.  I am going to go back in a couple of weekends to actually stay all night and hopefully give my sister a well deserved break so maybe her and the hubby can go do something fun!

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