Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pre-Long Run Day Eats and a New Poll (I need your help!)

Breakfast:  taco (beans, egg, potato, cheese)  I always allow myself a scrummy breakfast taco on Fridays; the ones at the cafeteria at work are huge, and I can't allow that sort of thing more than once a week!  Usually I also allow myself to have the fattening sausage in it, but well, not the case least not for a while.
Snack:       Gala apple
Lunch:      Spinach, steamed broccoli and a scoop of mashed taters :)  I like Fridays because I get to serve myself which today resulted in a LOT of yummy spinach!  Those servers can be sometimes greedy with the veggies!!!
Snack:       1/2 nanner and some PB
Dinner:     Went to Spaghetti Western (one of my favs!); had THREE slices of veggie pizza; brought the rest home!

So I had goals to do more tri's and du's this year, but then well...then came the Chicago decision...and then there was all the racing and the running and the racing...And it was cold and I couldnt swim and I didnt want to bike either, cause it was cold... :o) ... Anyway, I am obviously running a lot, just started back swimming and it feels 'good' ... better than before ... and so just when I thought I was going to give up on any tri's or du's this year after all...I started thinking about the Freedom Tri (that I was planning on doing all along) ... and whether or not I could/should still just go ahead and do it...?  I havent had any bike time, but I have time...if I want to...yeah it will be tough to also bike at least 2 times a week...and then the swimming too...oh and all the running ... So .... that brings me to needing your help!!!

Its a sprint tri (been there done that):  300m swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run; the swim is a pool swim, so I think I could do better at that (I paniced last year in the open water swim and ended up doing the 300yds pretty much back stroking it :O)

What do you think? Comments are encouraged as well! I need reasons as to why or why not???

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saroy said...

I vote yes. Triathlons are fun! And cross-training is great. Not sure how it fits in with your running every day this month though.