Thursday, May 13, 2010

Days run in May: 13

Days left to run in May: 18
Days left to a 5 day weekend (AND the SATC movie premiere!) 14

81 deg
69% humidity
69 deg dewpoint
feels like 85deg
Nice and overcast which made it bearable.

I am not gonna lie...This morning when I woke up and just 'thought' about running today, I wanted to give up like Lauren trying to talk sense into Heidi on not having another boob surgery to get them to a size H.  You know..."you know, for (H)eidi.  Whatevs.

Seriously.  That's how I felt.  So during our weekly meeting at work, my mind was racing...not like racing as in running...because even my mind is tired of running, let alone racing :o) ... So anyway, I set about (in my head) trying to come up with how I could handle these next 2 days before my long run on Saturday (which is 13 miles). 

I could just run 1 mile today, 1 mile tomorrow.  Or I could stick to the plan and do 4-5 today, 1 tomorrow.  Or I could not run at all and totally lie about it on here.  : p

So after the meeting I got onto as I figured maybe a new route/loop would help me and I certainly think it will!  I liked my new route the other night so I wondered if I ran part of that, how much mileage would that be?  Whoop!  2 miles! Well, 1.97 miles, but I ran past the starting point just to make sure I got my 2 miles in :)  Average pace:  9:58

So that's what I did tonight. 2 miles.  Not quite what I should have done, but more than just what I really wanted to do (which was ZERO)...

AND I then changed into my 'ok its cute enough' one piece swimsuit (for training) and popped into the swimming pool for some laps! 

30 min of lap swimming. It bears repeating:  I am in much better shape on the swimming thing this year!  Makes me happy! 

I's no quitta.


Breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs
Snack:       Overnight oats (sliced strawberries)
Lunch:       Care-wots (thats carrots, ok people)  :o), steamed broccoli, rice, cabbage
Snack:       bag of 100 calorie plain popcorn
Another Snack:  1/2 of a 'nanner
Dinner:      Amy's Veggie burger patty on a sandwich thin, sprouts, olives, avocado, mustard, crumbled feta
                 10 tater tots :)

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