Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Days run in May: 5
Days left to run in May: 26
Days left to a 5 day weekend (AND the SATC movie premiere!) 22

24%humidity (crazy I tell you!  apparently normal humidity levels to return by Friday)
49deg dewpoint
feels like 87


Its hotter than that!

Run sucked today.  Bottom line is I am just going to have to slow down to get the miles in.  Thank goodness I chose the 4 mile route over the 5 mile route today; otherwise this chick would have been walking!  Regardless of all of that, I got the 4 miles done (1 mile short; schedule called for 5) and that is that.

And day-uuuum, am I ever glad its o.v.e.r. 


How I feel and think most of the time ... but this guy says it much better than I ever could...

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Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd complain about summers but now that I run, I have to say that summer weather has become an impediment to training. At least we don't have your humidity though!