Monday, May 3, 2010

Days run in May: 3

Days left to run in May: 28
Days left to a 5 day weekend: 24

20%humidity (whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? that rarely happens here; let alone in May!)
45deg dewpoint
feels like 88

Sorry but it FELT a whole lot hotter than that!  Wowza!  Given that I had had a semi-stressful day I opted to do 7/1's today.  With the heat on top of that I knew my HR was going to be a bit too high, and I wanted my 5 miles to count so going faster on the 7's seemed like the right thing to do. 

Paces for intervals were between 9:32 and 9:55.  Good enough.  Thankfully (and on purpose) I worked the route to where my turnaround point was at the water fountain near Main/Fannin.  I sure needed that water.

I might have to start carrying that itty bitty fuel bottle on my jaunts, even though I hate carrying that thing with a passion!!!

I would like to thank the rich residents of Rice/University Place for having their sprinklers all on this afternoon, and sorry for running through some your yards and/or flower beds...but I was H.O.T.


After going off the wagon so to speak after Lent, which honestly it wasnt that I started eating meat, because I rarely have, but its more about the fact that I kinda quit being as tenacious as I was during those 46 days...I had to dig deep inside to admit that to myself, so along with the fact that I started drinking way too many Diet Cokes again, its no wonder really that the plateau happened...I know the science behind diet sodas hindering weight loss (and sometimes adding weight gain)...not to mention it makes you look 'puffy'.

So this weekend, I only had one Diet Coke each day, and I stocked back up on fruits and veggies and the like (no more meat except for special occasions or social situations where I don't have any other option)...its time to take responsibility for what really caused the plateau...its back to green monsters, overnight oats, so forth and so be honest the couple of times I have even eaten meat its still only been ground turkey, chicken, tuna (and last night I had shrimp)...and whenever I ate it twice in one day (say for lunch and dinner), I felt like total crap the next day...

This morning my weight had thankfully leveled back down to what it was (at my lowest at the plateau) ... so at least theres THAT...hopefully getting back on the vegetarian straight and narrow will be just what the doctor ordered...

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