Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kenyan Way - Long Run

Days run in May: 8

Days left to run in May: 23
Days left to a 5 day weekend (AND the SATC movie premiere!) 19

68deg dewpoint
feels like77
This was at 5:00am

12.5 miles total
4 before the 6am start (5:10am start)
7.5 which was today's route
1 mile around base

Average pace:  10:14

Todays route of 7.5 had a little bit of everything...pavement, bike path, big rocks, hills, 2 sets of stairs (1 up; 1 flight, 1 down; 3 flights), wood shavings, and bat shit :)  That's cross country if I have to call it something :)

The big rocks section thankfully only accounted for maybe 1/2 mile and it did a number on my feet (plantar in left heel suffered the most)...

Overall I am happy with the result...thankfully we had full cloud coverage and a stiff wind to keep it relatively manageable.  I went too fast on a couple of miles here and there, and that bit me in the booty there in the last mile of the route, but other than that, yeah...

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