Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Friday Giveaway!!!

Ok so I am lame and didn't do a celebutante fitness round up this week...buuuuut...instead I give you a link to win some free running nutrition if you are so inclined to enter!!!!!!!

Hey I get 2 extra entries for linking the contest...hey its hard out here bein' a pimp...  :o)


Here is something funny though....Guess who dropped her Chi in the toilet this morning?  While it was plugged in....

Nope...not way, no how...

I heard one has never seen someone yank a Chi so fast out of a toilet though...Bet it was some kinda Guinness book of world record tho....Bet Bolt couldnt run that fast ;o)


Anonymous said...


Mel said...

I am sorry, but I laughed a little.
But I can imagine that was pretty near heart failure, as it would have been for me too!

thanks for the link to the contest

Pony and Petey said...

What's a Chi?

Sorry for being lame...I don't get out much = )

Junie B said...

A Chi is a flat of the more expensive straighten hair :)