Thursday, May 20, 2010

Days run in May: 20
Days left to run in May: 11
Days left to a 5 day weekend (AND the SATC movie premiere!)7

5:45pm start
67dew point
feels like:  92

Easy 4 miler today.  I have to say that today was the first day I almost did not run.  Just wasn't a great day all the way around (its been a heck of a week honestly).  Wait, I take that back.  I did have lunch at Los Cucos today and that was yummy!  And who knew they actually had 4 healthy food options (in addition to the yummy grilled shrimp or fish tacos?)  Not me!  I always just get either one of those.  But today I strayed and went for one of the newer items and it was ok.  I prefer the shrimp or fish though :)  Everyone just gives you so much food!  I ate half and brought the rest back to work with me.  Guess I will have that for lunch tomorrow since I went and left it in the refrigerator.  :(

This was by far the slowest short mileage day I have had in quite some time, but that was by design.  Average pace between 9:54 and 10:14.

As a side note, I've been carrying my little 10oz handheld (have I mentioned that already in a previous post?)...anyway, I've been carrying that with G2 in it and it certainly helps!  All but one of my routes are water fountain shy, and with the heat/humidity I need the hydration.

Saturday looks to be the worst (in the way of weather) day we've had this season.  And I have 14 miles on tap.

le sigh.


run4may said...

What are you currently training for?

Junie B said...

thats a good question! ha!

right now i am training for my training!

i start OFFICIAL Chicago marathon training on June 5th. I just kept my mileage up through the spring after the Houston marathon, so that i would be good and ready for whatever Fall marathon I decided to do (which ended up being Chicago).

Bert said...

Yeah Saturday is bound to be a slog, we're planning on doing 12 miles. Houston is not the best place in the world to train for a fall marathon.

Ali said...

Houston would be a great place to train for a marathon if you liked running on a treadmill! haha. I agree, though the weather sucks :)