Friday, May 21, 2010

One Nation...Overweight

I watched this on CNBC and it was a great show!
This is just a portion of the telecast, but it is being re-aired several times over the next week, so if you can, catch it or DVR it (One Nation Oveweight is the title).  Or you can read some of the context here

Here are the additional showtimes:
Saturday, May 22nd 7p ET
Sunday, May 23rd 10p ET
Monday, May 24th 8p ET
Sunday, May 31st 1a
8p ET
Sunday, June 6th 9p ET
Friday, June 11th 8p ET
Days run in May: 21
Days left to run in May: 10
Days left to a 5 day weekend and SATC premiere: 6!!!

This mornings mileage:  1 mile.
A mile is a mile is a mile.


Ali said...

Yay for one mile! That's what I ran yesterday too. I am curious about the One Nation Overweight show - I bet it is interesting!

Junie B said...


Hey when I said I was going to run every day in May, the ONLY stipulation was that it had to be at least one mile.

So thats what I did :O)

Lauren said...

Yeah I'm definitely going to try to catch a rerun it seems... interesting? And depressing... lol