Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As of 4pm on Thursday, I will be off work until June 2nd.  In lieu of that, I am starting my 'departure' early...

I have gym night tonight, then of course running right on through May 31st, but the blog itself will be dark unless I get the urge to post something.

Schedule is as follows:
tonight:  gym - 4 miles treadmill
wed:     6 miles
thurs:    4 miles
fri:        3 miles
sat:       8 miles (cut back long run week)
sun:      3 miles
mon:     6 miles

If I hit all of these numbers which I dont know why I wouldnt, that will give me 156 miles for the month of May. 

Thats a lot yo.

Y'all be safe and sound out there on the roads this holiday weekend.

We'll see ya on the flip side of May :o)


Lauren said...

Wow how many rest days are you taking a week? It seems like you're running every day! Be careful and keep up the great work.

p.s. that mileage # for the month is NUTSO!

Junie B said...

May is run every day in May!

I usually take friday completely off, and then sunday is cross training or nothing...

will get back to normal in June :O)