Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend Motivation!


Wednesday all I did was run and all night and yesterday my back felt so much better!

Then yesterday I ran, and then did weights and my back is killing me again. 
Today I wont be running or weights and if tomorrow morning, after my run (13miles), I feel fine and I feel fine tomorrow night and Sunday morning I don't have to literally roll out of bed because it hurts so bad, then I guess I will have to lay off the weights altogether for a good solid week.  All I did was upper body obviously and I was careful to avoid anything that put any strain whatsoever on my lower back.  Either I didn't do a good enough job of that or just any weight bearing exercise right now should be taken off the table until I can manage it better.

This makes me sad. 
But the pain is just too intense.  Like I cry if I sneeze it hurts so bad kind of pain.

I just hope that doing nothing today will help with the pain tomorrow morning when I have to get up to run.

Right now I am refusing to throw in any towels!!!


AMcConn said...

Let us know how it goes --- feel better!

Lisa said...

Hope it gets better.

Wonder if hot yoga would help.

JB said...

Hell to the no. One thing I had to give up for a while when I first was injured with it was hot yoga (or yoga of any kind). Aggravates it too much. I can do a few poses. I just have to do exactly what my physical therapist had me doing the first go round.