Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Sweet Spot

My little bundle of joy!  Staying warm on Momma's belly watching TV
I figured I would post a little bit about how things are going at home with the new addition instead of hurling over the details of this weekends race in   Siberia    Dallas. 

Gosh I have had him now 6 months! 
While the first few months were normal OMG what ARE you doing?  OMG get OUT of there NOW! and oh Lord, how did you get up THERE? kinds of moments, the past 2 months we're finally coming to a mutual understanding of how things should go around the house.  :O)

Yes I know its still his world and I just live in it, so we still have those crazy kitten times but instead of every day several times a day, its now just every so often during any given week.

I think he is finally molding his personality to fit his Momma's (meaning me) and is laid back and chilled out for 98% of the time.

If I go to bed, he goes to bed.  If I lay around on the couch, he lays around on the couch.  If I lay on the floor he knows its play time and goes nuts.  :O)

We have our little routine down pat and its the same thing every day when I get up, even when I just start to wake up, he'll play a little then come and snuggle down close to me until I actually get out of bed.  When I sit on the couch to catch the morning news, he still wants to bound onto the couch and get in my lap for some loving before I actually start getting ready for work.

When I get home its the same thing...but first he wants food, then he wants me to turn on the water in the sink, THEN he wants to play or love on Momma.  :O)

There are times that I love him so much that I just want to pick him up and squeeze him so hard with hugs!  (He likes hugs by the way; odd for a kitty), but like I said he has definitely taken on my personality and is very affectionate and loves to be loved.  I was worried there for a bit, waiting for the snuggly, lovey, lap kitty to emerge, wondering if he ever would and I just had to be patient.

Its so hard for me to imagine life without the little dude!  He has quickly become a part of my every day life.  I'm glad I waited 3 years after Harley passed away, because I needed that time.  I had Harley for 17 years; and was very hard to make an addition after him.

So having said all of that...I'm gonna miss him like crazy this weekend, but he'll be in good hands while I am away!! 

On the running/work out front, its been just a normal week of tapering.  Monday I ran, Tuesday I didnt feel like it so I didnt (worked out with Kyle though), and then yesterday 40 min on the treadmill followed by more weights work.

I think I need to lay off the weights today (I was scheduled for a session) as I am a bit more sore than I would like heading into a marathon weekend.  I plan to run easy this evening and hopefully again tomorrow morning.  If not then I will squeeze in a short run once I get to Dallas and get settled in at the hotel.

I re-packed the carry on last night; adding in a pair of tights (that aren't so tight anymore), and a few more base layers just in case.  I still have no clue what is going to happen on Sunday, but I still have every hope that Mother Nature will get the rain over with by race-thirty and I can make DWR my bitch.  :O)

Here we go again!

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TX Runner Mom said...

Nugget is lucky to have such a great momma! As for this weekend, I am hoping that at least the rain hold off...ya just never know in TX!