Friday, December 9, 2011

Product Review Coming! - ZipFizz

I was contacted recently by a representative at ZipFizz to find out if I was interested in receiving, testing and reviewing their product on my blog and to my readers/followers.

I just received the package via UPS, and have mixed up my first bottle (provided in package) to drink before my long run in the morning...I chose Grape for the first guinea pig!

Will be following this up with a full product review in a week, once I go through all the tubes and have some basis for review.

They have provided me with information for savings for the readers/followers so I will pass that along once I am able to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Stay tuned!


Adrienne said...

You know what, I am drinking my some grape ZipFizz this morning for the first time too! Let's go!

Junie B said...

Not sure if it was the ZipFizz or the cold temps, but I ended up doing 18 miles at marathon pace this morning. On accident of course. :) So far I'm giving it 3 thumbs up! :)