Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dallas White Rock Marathon - The Expo

I've written about this expo before but it bears repeating and besides I need to post photos.  :O)
Again, as usual, Dallas, in my opinion knows how to do things right every single time I go there to race.  I went a bit earlier in the day this year and it made a huge difference in the crowd, but it was still crowded.  I ended up leaving the hotel on a shuttle there since everyone I knew had either gone already or were going later.  I then ended up hanging out the whole time with a woman in from Beaumont and her family hadn't arrived yet.  Shes running Houston again this year for her 15th time and looooooooooves the Houston Marathon!

This year though they had pre-race day bag drop off which I took advantage of knowing the weather ahead of time.  Dry socks, a Nike warmup pants/jacket and a undershirt.  The #fail here was that duh!  I should have brought a dry pair of shoes.

Representin' Kenyan Way!  I looooove our new shirts this year!  Very warm indeed and obviously made of tech fab excellent for running in cold weather!  No hairstyle on this day; easy breezy out of the shower curly do was the norm on this weekend.

One of Dallas' larger specialty running stores and a direct competitor of Lukes Locker :(

Only in Texas would there be a Longhorn at a marathon expo.  And taking a poop at the exact time I went to snap the picture.

She had him set up for people to sit on him and take a photo, but was putting him back in his trailer right as we walked up and I was major sad cuz I wanted to get on him and take a pic!

Bye bye Longhorn!!!

A new phenom, kinda like all the Mud Runs and such, but this one looks like so much fun!  Check out thecolorrun.com for a city near you and WATCH THE VIDEO!  How much fun does it look!??!?!  Might be doing the one in Austin with some peeps from Houston (and surrounding areas)  Its Melissas birthday weekend so that would be cool to do!

The Color Run

Race/Goodie Bag shirt. 

Obviously a  photo of the Finish line

I will post more pictures that explain this a bit later in another post, but suffice it to say there was a Holiday parade in DT Dallas on Saturday and I am guessing they store a lot of the floats in some building there at Fair Park as they were holding up traffic bringing them back.  I wanted to go hop in one of the seats situated there in the H of the Ho Ho Ho!


Melissa said...

I'm not sure what I was expecting from the expo, but I was super disappointed. At least I saved a ton of money, lol.

I too wish I'd checked dry shoes and a towel.

AMcConn said...

Thanks for the info about the color run!! Looks awesome