Monday, December 5, 2011

The Omni - Downtown Dallas

I have stayed in a lot of hotels in my time, a lot of really nice hotels.  But the new Omni in Downtown Dallas takes the cake.

I had actually made these reservations back when I registered for DWR since it was deemed to be the host hotel and had a great rate of $129 a night (compared to a usual night of $350 or more), but it wasnt completed at the time and at the suggestion of Melissa I also made reservations at the Marriott (another host hotel at $99 a  night for runners) just in case construction was stalled.  I didnt want to end up with no where to stay.  I guess about a month ago I cancelled the other room when I knew the Omni had indeed opened some time in November.

Boy am I glad I did!  This hotel was phenomenal!  From the check in to my stay to even check out.  I dont know how all those different people knew my name the entire time I was there but they did.  They called several times to check on me throughout my stay and when I didnt have a blow dryer in my room (thieves!) they made certain several times to make sure one was brought up to me.  Even on Saturday night when I called at 10:30 for a roll of toilet paper they made sure I got it!  I had 2 guests with me that night and we needed to make sure we had enough for race morning :)

The only thing with that last part is I told the girl on the phone that we had turned in and just to knock and leave it outside the door.  We were laying there, lights out when we heard the door shut.  WTF?  They had reached in and placed it on the coffee bar.  That was weird and a bit unsettling.  I got up and double locked the door :)  I guess they didnt want to disturb us and tried to sneak it in without bothering us.

Also the Texas Spice restaurant inside the hotel is to die for!  Its a restaurant that only serves dishes made with local ingredients, grass fed, cage free eggs and farm raised everything.  Saturday morning I went down to breakfast and I swear for someone like me that knows her Eggs Benedict, this was hands down the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had in my life!

The beds in this room were like sleeping on clouds covered by clouds.  You just sank into the bed then covered up with these covers that must be like the poppies in the Wizard of Oz because you just fell right to sleep.  I need that bed and that bedding.  Simply to die for.  These beds give the ones at the Ritz Carlton a run for their money.  And yes I have stayed at a RC a time or two in my day.  Another LOVELY hotel...for sure.
My guests on Saturday evening were in heaven as much as I was!  We all went to dinner at Campisi's (another tradition of mine the night before any race in Dallas) and came back, acted like girls, watched the Hangover and listened to the rain, thunder and lightning all night...we fell asleep wondering what the morning would have in store for us.

If you ever want to treat yourself to a lovely weekend at a great hotel in Dallas, go to the Omni on Lamar!!!

I loved the outside lighting that changed colors every few seconds.  This view was from my room window.

The picture can't really capture the crystals hanging all through the first floor and 2nd floor, but it was definitely beautiful.  I just wish I would have gotten a picture of the lobby/bar/lounge area where there were big comfy chairs to have a cocktail and surf the internet.

Foyer to my room

Huge flat screen Smart television

COZY warm robes for him and her, or him and him or her and her.  I spent a lot of time Friday and Saturday in these robes when in my room

The bathroom TV.  IN THE MIRROR.  So strange.  There was a separate remote for it and it was awesome.  When its not on, its just a mirror.  Again so strange.  But in a rich person if I had a lot of money I would have a TV in my bathroom mirror kind of way.

Karyn (from Lukes Locker Dallas), Lesley from Racing It Off and myself on race morning.  We call it Occupy Bed Before Race.  :O)  See?  I told you.  Crazy morning bed head fro for me is a normal.


Shanllleigh said...

That hotel looks awesome!

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TX Runner Mom said...

Awesome hotel! I love the tv-in-a-mirror thingy, so cool!

Lesley @ said...

A little slice of hotel heaven! Thanks for letting me crash.