Friday, December 9, 2011

SportsPhoto - Dallas White Rock

A few things about these few photos from the race last Sunday:
  • You'll notice that I have my Shuffle unprotected.  Well it wasn't unprotected early on.  I had it wrapped in a baggie, used my longer length buds and had it tucked into the back zip of the shorts with the cord threaded up through the back of my shirts.  However at some point in the race I accidentially hit the button trying to turn the volume up on it, and it got WAY too loud and I couldnt adjust it so I had to take it out of the baggie.  After trying to get it back in, I couldnt so I just took it out, clipped it under my chin, hoping this would keep it somewhat dry and I wouldnt end up shorting out #4 in a years time.  Since it was pouring and I had ditched my visor, the thing still got wet.  However I was very careful NOT to touch anything on it until after I could get it dried off.  This seemed to have saved it.
  • You will also know that I was still wearing my old school Garmin 205.  I wondered about it as well in all the rain.  I had run in the rain with it before but never for this length of time or in that much of a downpour.  I saw a lot of people that had theirs wrapped in cellophane, saran wrap and/or taped.  Or a combination of all 3.  My Garmin survived just fine.  At least as of Monday it was still ok.  I havent run with it since Sundays deluge.
  • As I had previously mentioned, while we were in the Start corral it was just drizzly and thats when I made the decision to toss my visor and my little jacket.  Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb.
  • No gloves you say?  Well they were so soaked, that around mile something or other (mid race I would guess) I just finally tossed them.  Another big mistake.  While yes my hands were cold as ice with them on, it was nothing compared to at the end.  I could NOT feel my thumbs.  My Lulu top has the 'hand-over' thing that keeps 1/2 your hand covered and those 4 fingers together but the lonely thumb?  He just is all alone and therefore gets really cold.  You could have dropped a 20lb weight on my thumbs and I probably wouldnt have felt it.
  • I had 2 shirts on.  A short sleeve compression top (Nike) to stick close to my skin and then the Lulu Run Swiftly top on top of that.  Nike capris and a pair of Lulu Speed shorts.  A SpiBelt to carry 2 extra Gu's and a race number belt.  Had I known I was going to do the full I wouldnt have needed the SpiBelt.  And of course, 2 sparkly Sweaty Bands.  Like that made a difference at all.
  • I did not get a picture post race like last year.  Everyone was just herded into the building and thats where they were set up.  The crowd was dense and all I could think about was getting my checked bag so I could get into dry clothes.  Another picture of me standing in front of some board was not important at all.

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