Monday, December 12, 2011

#paleofail - Going Back to the Basics

I'm callin' it. 

Paleo, in its truest form, is not going to work for me.  I think in general, I can be in that 80/20 bracket, but only to a certain degree.  There are so many rules as it pertains to Paleo to be 'true' that I just can't and quite honestly, don't care to adhere to.

While I still rarely eat carbs in the form of beans, grains etc., I still like my toast, or grits and I still like my overnight oats from time to time!  AND I still like my pizza crust (made from Naan).  And I refuse to give up cheese (in moderation and I prefer NO cheese on pizza if that makes any sense :)).   The waitress at Campisi's (or any place for that matter) always gives me a weird look when I order the veggie pizza with no cheese.  :O)

And I am obviously not going to give up Diet Coke.

What I have decided, after much insight into what did work for me, was back in late 2009/Spring 2010.  So we're going back to what worked and what I was content with on all levels.

This was basically a combination of Flexatarian and Lacto-ovo vegetarian.

I went back to read some of my posts from back then, but unfortunately they are on the other old blog and I didnt feel like going through all of that again; but will at some point.  I had only transferred certain posts to the blog you are reading today (races and what-not).  One of the other things that I did back then was journal every single thing that I ate.

We're going back to that as well.  Not here on the blog, but in a journal just like I did before.
After a conversation with Kyle the other day, I realized that I was cuckoo to try and change what obviously works for my body, my age and my limitations that I have as it pertains to my thyroid etc.  This whole eat as much as you want thing (kinda) with Paleo; well, I do better with portion control, so thats where I am headed back to; back to my basics and what worked.

Thats not to say that I havent noticed a difference (albeit slight) since starting this, but I know that I go off of it more than I would like, and when I do, it makes me feel guilty and bad about myself.   This is not OK with me.

Also, to be fair, the difference could be attributed to the strength training and me off and on restricting myself.  Kyle was NOT happy when he randomly asked me the other day 'what did you eat yesterday?' and my answer was: breakfast taco for breakfast, a bowl of cereal for lunch (craving) and no dinner (I had gone to the concert).  He was extremely pleased with my choices in Dallas; as was I.  It was easy.

What was my downfall leading up to Dallas and this week was not being prepared.  I was concerned with leaving for Dallas and then gone all weekend which meant no prep work for the weeks food.  And when I am not prepared with a certain level of my food prepared or easy to grab-n-go, I tend to just say F it and while 90% of the time I make OK choices, its never as good as if I had prepared and planned 90% of my weeks meals.

So on top of it already being a very hectic weekend, I did manage to get to the store yesterday and stock up on foods, and even managed to get food for the week pretty much all taken care of!  We have Christmas lunch type of things here going on Thursday and Friday, so I didn't have to think about those days, breakfasts are easy, snacks are even easier and dinner as well!  Whew! 

I am happy I tried Paleo and I still believe in it 100%, especially as it pertains to the types of food you eat, a lot of vegetables and the types of meat (grass fed, anti hormone etc.)  I still believe that grains are the root cause of obesity and that they do unimaginable things to our insides, but I also believe that everything in moderation is ok too. 

Its just not mah thang! 

And hey it had been a couple of weeks since I was at the store, and everyone made mention of my 'weight loss' so at least I got that going for me!  Onward and upward (or downward I suppose!!!)


Jamoosh said...

Diet is a tough thing. I think the root of all evil is overly processed food, but that is my personal opinion. I think what "cave man" diet people often forget is that there were many tribes across the globe that survived on a variety of foods - essentially what was available to them. For hundreds (thousands) of years they did just fine with what nature had to offer and their skills. I don't think you can discount that.

JB said...

agreed. i would say that my diet is less than 5% processed. i consider this a win.

TX Runner Mom said...

At least you tried it and know it's not what you need. I too have to prep for the week, or I don't do as well.

Bert said...

I tried the paleo diet a few years ago and the buffalo patties and ostrich steaks, eggs etc. got me into serious trouble with elevated blood sugar and high cholesterol levels. The paleo diet also contributed to over-training because of the lack of quality carbohydrates. We humans are starch people - an MD that makes a lot of sense on this is Your approach sounds very level-headed.