Tuesday, December 13, 2011

JunieB Doesn't Go to Washington

No Cherry Blossom for me.  Sad face.


While I indeed really wanted to do this race, I'm definitely OK with not being chosen this year.  Will try again next year :O)  My initialy plan was that if I didn't get in, then I would immediately turn around and put in for the lottery for the NYC half which is open through the 19th.

However after thinking about it, and with 3 other trips in 2012 for races, I thought maybe I should just hold off on a 4th for 2012.  At least for anything out of Texas.  Plus all that $$$ can go towards some local Spring races.  And 2 new tires (to match the other 2 new ones I recently bought).  Man tires are expensive!

The back is a little better today, mostly because I was very diligent in not sitting in my chair for long periods of time.  Ran an hour at the gym before Kyle got a hold of me and put me through the ringer.  He pushed me today, upping the weight on some of the sets that I honestly didn't think I could complete.  But I did.

Best part is that I am really starting to see results and that pushes me even more.

Hard work pays off.

Its warmed up considerably here, and since the last 2 days have been hard days on the weights along with running, I am planning on running one of my longer routes tomorrow through my 'hood and giving my muscles a breaky break.  It'll be good to get out in the fresh air and not have to be all bundled up!


Zaneta said...

Sorry you didn't get picked... it sounds like you have everything figured out though!!
Isn't it great when you start to see results? Congrats and keep it up! :)

AMcConn said...

sorry to hear you didn't get picked but glad to hear you have an alternate plan to run some local races... hope you continue to feel better!

TX Runner Mom said...

Ugh, we had to replace all 4 tires on both cars last year. Ouch! Glad you have some good races on the calendar for 2012...sounds like fun!!!