Monday, December 5, 2011

The Digits

Mile 1: 9:32
Mile 2: 9:44
Mile 3: 10:27 (figured I had better slow my ass down)
Mile 4: 9:35 (I don't know...honestly I think there were a couple of steep downhills here; I can never remember where these are in this route)
Mile 5: 10:13 (slow down again)
Mile 6: 9:45 (wtf? actually started climbing hills here)
Mile 7: 10:27 (figured I had better slow down if I was gonna do the full; miles 6-9 are a constant climb, nothing outrageous just a slow steady uphill with no downhills; it just flattens out before you start climbing again)
Mile 8: 10:19
Mile 9: 10:30 (Legs were feeling the constant climb but here is where I decided lets turn right and call it a day and no more climbing hills!  Unfortunately it was too late to take back the slower miles to get closer to my PR)
Mile 10: 10:20 (walked to take a Gu; LOVE the new peppermint!)
Mile 11: 9:53
Mile 12: 10:02
Mile 13 10:06
8:51 pace for .16

My Garmin showed 13.16 which is pretty darn good.  I've run this course 4 times now (its the same route pretty much for RnR Half) and I know exactly where to run the tangents.  However at way too many intersections and portions of the roads we had to weave onto the median or otherwise go through 1-2 inches of water that had settled and covered the roadway.

I think if I would have gone into this race knowing I was only going to do the half I could have PR'd.  I know the course and I could have gone outside of my comfort zone to get closer to that or exceed it. 

I guess it will have to wait.  I'm eyeing the half in the Woodlands possibly, which is the first weekend in March.


Randee and Angie said...

Ahh, good for you for choosing the half. The full about killed me! I might wear my finisher shirt and medal for two weeks straight to justify my inability to walk!

Junie B said...

I heard the rain got MUCH worse around the lake, and the wind too. I wouldnt be walking today for sure had I gone through with it because I would be lying on the side of the road somewhere! Thanks for coming to dinner in the monsoon on Saturday night!!!

Lauren said...

Hi! I am the person from GOMI asking about the race. Thanks for the naming of your blog, I have been looking for more running related blogs!

Lesley @ said...

Well that would be why I never saw you, you were smoking the course!!!! Wow! Nice splits in crappy conditions.