Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ZipFizz - Product Review

I mentioned a while back that a representative from ZipFizz had contacted me to product review their product on my blog...so here goes...

I will review the Zipfizz energy shot which retails for about $1.99. This little 4 ounce bugger only has 30 calories, only 8 grams of carbs and contains zero sugar. The Zipfizz energy shot is marketed as a healthy alternative to energy drinks for those above reasons. Along with the liquid shot, Zipfizz also offers mixable flavored energy powders. Other than that I don't know too much more about Zipfizz so I will just start the review. That's probably all you care about anyway.
Zipfizz has 120 milligrams of caffeine, taurine, green tea extract and an unbelievable amount of b-vitamins. What's an unbelievable amount? How about 41,667% of your daily allowance of vitamin B-12. So yeah there is a lot of energy ingredients packed into this.
The package came with 7 (or was it 8) different flavors and honestly they were all good!  I especially loved the grape and the creme orange flavor most!  There was maybe one that I didnt care for (raspberry maybe; can't remember now).  For the past 3 weekends, each Saturday morning before my long runs (18, 13 and 20), I drank the 20oz bottle (also provided) just before leaving the house.  Now I cannot say for sure if it had anything to do with the awesome runs I had, but I am gonna go out on a limb and say, Yes!  

They remind me of Nuun (which I dont like though) as when you put it in and add the cold water there is a fizzing thing that happens and once you close the little top and shake, be careful as the first time I did this, it blew the top open!!!  Nothing spewed out but it scared the bejeezus out of me!

The other times I drank it; either before a work out and once just because (before work) I will say the high from this is extremely stable and hasn't yet given me the jitters. Everyone reacts differently though so to guarantee 100% that you will not get the jitters would be a lie. When I take it, I feel very awake, alert, and clear headed.  And I seem to perform better whether its running or at the gym.
 I have one vial left and I will use that this coming Saturday before my short long run :)  ... I haven't seen it in the stores (but I hear you can get it at Costco), but I am in the process of seeing if anyone here in town besides Costco is carrying it!  Otherwise I will order direct I guess!  I really really really love this product!!!
Good taste, fast acting kick, low calorie count, no sugar. What more could you ask for right? Maybe some more B-vitamins?  All joking aside I don't think I would change a thing about this energy shot.


robinbb said...

I am going to look for these at Costco, thanks for the review!

Tara @ texasrunnergirl.com said...

The Zipfizz website says HEB, Walmart and Target supposedly carry it. I need to look for it next time cause I'd really like to try it.

Junie B said...

oooh thanks Tara! I will check at Target especially since I got a big fat gift card from there for Christmas!!

Melissa said...

I will have to look for these at HEB. I love trying new things.

I like Nuun, although I think it's overpriced

TX Runner Mom said...

Thanks for the review, I'll have to try them. I just tried Nuun and wasn't that impressed with the taste. I do like that they have a lot more electrolytes and other stuff than my Endurolytes, though.

Gaslight ;-) said...

Yep, looks likes Costco has it. While I would have loved to have seen the bottle top fly off, I am glad I know in advance. Good review.
You didn't feel like you needed more calories for a long run?

Junie B said...

Anna, I still had a banana or a piece of bread with pb on it before I left on the 18 and 20 miler. I generally dont eat much beforehand, but rather take my first gel in about 4-5 miles.