Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Play Time Is Over

I took yesterday completely off from anything physical other than going to get gas, laundry and to the grocery store to pick up a roast and veggies since I was craving comfort food in the form of exactly that.  Oh and I showered.

My quads were killing me yesterday and still sore today.  I am kinda surprised at how sore they actually were and wondering if the cold and rain made them that much more sore?  I know I worked those hills pretty hard but still.

So today when I went to the gym (no running outside here today as it never got above 40 deg, overcast/drizzly and was windy).  Um, yeah. No.  I'd had enough of that on Sunday.

So I hit the gym after work.  I wasnt sure how running on the treadmill would go and it did in fact hurt to run.  So basically for 40 minutes I ran a song, walked a song.  Repeat.  About halfway through my quads loosened up and I was able to go faster without thinking I was going to fly off the back because my legs wouldn't work.

After that I hit the weights pretty hard focusing on back, bi's and tri's. 

I will be running at the gym (no more run/walk though) until Saturday just to give my legs a break from the pavement.  And the cold ass temperatures.  I looooooooooooove the cold, but as I said, I'm a little over what happened on Sunday and I want to be warm for a few days before I have to do a 20 miler in 35 deg weather on Saturday.

At least its not supposed to rain.

I will do an hour tomorrow, an hour on Thursday followed by a training session with Kyle (which I postponed until then as I'm not ready for an ass whuppin' just yet either.  :O)  And then take Friday off so I can be ready for Saturday.

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TX Runner Mom said...

It was soooo cold this morning, but I didn't realize how cold until I came inside. It took me forever to warm-up!