Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Marathon Olympic Trials

I don't think its any secret that the Trials are being held in Houston the day before the Chevron Houston Marathon and that our fair city (at least us running geeks are) is beyond excited!

I have read a few blogs of out of towners coming to Houston to run the marathon and are just as giddy over being able to see the Trials the day before.

Runners World has a whole section on the upcoming Trials, updated often, then of course there is the Houston Marathon site, along with the Houston site for the Trials specifically.

I have also mentioned that I am so happy to be able to be a part of this as I am an Elite (fluid) stop volunteer.  We had 'practice' at the set up etc., back in January for the 1/2 Marathon championship, which was done for that reason but also to test out a portion of the Olympic Trial marathon course.  I know that its been tweaked somewhat at the suggestion of the powers that be, but mostly it stayed pretty true to its original plan if I am not mistaken.  Best part about this job is that once its set up, its pretty much just stand around and watch the runners pass by time and time again (its a loop course). 

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am that I am going to see some of the all-time great distance runners (currently) running just a few feet from me in less than a month!!!!!!!!!

Here are a couple of posts from in January...and in looking for these I realized that I never went back and added the additional videos (women) and pictures from that day!  Got sidetracked I suppose!  I will add those sometime over the next couple of weeks.  I am kind of shocked that that fell off my radar though!  So more to come for certain!!!


Adrienne said...

I'm gonna be geeking out-I mean acting as professionally as possible for Ms. finisher/Olympian 1,2,or 3 as an escort!

Who needs Eugene ;)?

Xaarlin said...

I'm so jealous! What a cool way to spend a few hours- watching elite runners pass by a few times. You must try to capture some of the action on video or photo.

Happy merry holidays Christmas Hanukkah new years!

TX Runner Mom said...

I will be there cheering, I can't wait!